The Carbon Con – Introduction


The following pages use video, articles and documents to explore the issues relating to wind power and ‘green’ policies in general. They are also designed to provide useful background info, and therefore a context, in order to show how wind farm policy – as well as the public’s attitudes to it – fits into the ‘bigger picture’.

Because each page relates to, and builds on, previous pages the whole thing might make more sense if you go through them in sequential order – a bit like reading a book. There are links at the end of each page to take you to the next. But feel free to dip in and out as well using the side bar on the right >>>

A quick note about watching the embedded videos

Some of the embedded videos in this blog will only play directly from the youtube website itself. If you click on a video and get a black screen (and the message saying it won’t play on this site) just click on the screen where it says ‘watch on youtube’ and it should open up in its own separate youtube window no problem.

Also, if your internet connection is very slow (ie you live out in the sticks!) you might prefer to download videos to your computer’s hard drive and watch them from there. You can use a tool like to do this. It’s very easy, just copy the youtube link (right clicking the video should allow you to copy the url for embedded videos), go to an open page and paste it into the box. It will then show you a choice of formats (mp4, flv etc) you can choose to download the video to your hard drive.

Some of the videos on this blog are full length documentaries and so you might want to download them to your hard drive so you can watch them more than once, or in stages, without having to stream from the internet each time.



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