Prince Charles Expresses His Views on an Inconveniently Informed Public

In this video clip we see Prince Charles being wheeled out at the (don’t laugh) ‘Low Carbon Prosperity Summit‘ which took place of the 9th of this month, presumably to try and help prop up the now collapsing AGW ‘consensus’ and help push the now increasingly more-pernicious-looking-by-the-day agenda for global carbon taxation, global governance, global regulation and even greater macro and micro management of our entire lives by an unelected global elite. An elite which it appears are desperately seeking to reinvigorate their pyramidal hierarchy control system which they have become so accustomed to for so many centuries and which this increasingly developed, technologically enabled, informationally empowered and politically savvy age is now just beginning to threaten a teensy weensy bit.



Highlights of Charles’ speech include:

‘….this process has not exactly been helped by the corrosive effect on public opinion of those climate change skeptics..’

Just to be clear he did say, ‘corrosive effect on public opinion’. It’s very telling that Charles does not view such skepticism as public opinion, which is what it actually is. Instead we must assume the kind of ‘public opinion’ he is talking about is the one we are supposed to have – such as the one provided for us (at taxpayers’ expense) by the BBC which fits so well with the agenda.

It seems that common folk have been very naughty and started looking at the science for themselves, listening to all those independent scientists not being funded to promote AGW, looking at all the data which is being swept under the carpet and coming up with an opinion all of their own. Hrrmphh! That pesky internet thing with its ability to bypass official state sanctioned propaganda!

What he really means, of course, is that public opinion is having a corrosive effect on the elite’s horrendous plans for the world.

“..  as merely part of a cyclical process..”

This is a pretty good definition of a climate and so maybe not the most convincing argument with which to dismiss so called ‘climate change skeptics’ (more accurately: AGW and ‘carbon tax is a good thing’ skeptics).

“.. extreme aberrations, in the normally harmonious patterns of nature..”

Natural change is not disharmony! It may be very inconvenient to humans who have recently built a city in a low lying flood plain or in a hurricane ally but that is something entirely different. Climate’s proven and complex warming/ cooling phases over the short term, medium term and over millennia means the idea of ‘extreme aberrations’ is entirely subjective. A lot of the fear mongering of AGW rests on this ‘Disney-esque’ idea of ‘normal harmonious patterns of nature’. This has never been the case historically. If the climate were ever to STOP changing and forcing us to relocate or change our farming habits every so often, then that would represent a change from the normal state of affairs. See my chapter called climate = change!

Whatever you think of AGW, Agenda 21 and the merits of carbon slavery to an unelected global elite, it is clear that Charles is talking absolute nonsense.

This gibberish appears to be his idiosyncratic way of whinging about an increasingly educated and well informed public and what an awful nuisance they are to the elitist ‘Agenda 21’ style plans for the world. In this particular summit this agenda has been given the incredibly Orwellian subtitle ‘The Road to Low Carbon Prosperity’.

Prosperity for whom exactly, it fails to specify.


Sitting to the right of Charles are José Manuel Barroso, the unelected president of the European Commission and Herman Van Rompuy, the unelected president of the European Council.

José Manuel Barroso, the unelected president of the European Commission, has already spoken proudly about how the undemocratic, long planned for and stealthy constructed EU represents the construction of an ’empire’. Which of course is absolutely true, only he thinks this is a good thing.

Herman Van Rompuy, the unelected president of the European Council, spoke enthusiastically in 2009 about his vision for the EU with respect to ‘global governance’. Not to be confused with the Global Government and the NWO which conspiracy nutters have been ranting about for at least two decades. This completely different form of rule called  ‘global governance‘ is cosy and nice you see – and anyway how else can we meet all of these ‘global challenges’ and solve all of these ‘global problems’? Obviously there is no other way than an unelected global authority taking control of the entire planet.

I know, I know …. what about all that stuff about ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’? I hear you ask (good question by the way!). Well, thanks to a largely controlled mass media we can all just forget all about it. (It really is that simple). We can all just imagine (in a media manufactured group consensus kind of way) that such truisms are somehow, inexplicably, no longer an issue in this age we now live in – despite high level political/ corporate corruption and deception being exposed literally every day. And if denial still doesn’t work and such age old truisms ever do become an issue for us, there will be all sorts of drugs and brain implants available (and maybe even compulsory) by then which will ensure such concerns aren’t an issue any more. So either way, it’s all being taken care of – no need to worry. Let’s all just keep watching TV. Hurray!

In many ways the construction of the EU empire and the AGW/ CO2/ Agenda 21 all share the same roots – such as in the Club of Rome and Bilderburg Group.

As George Carlin RIP used to say, “It’s a big club …… and you ain’t it”

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