‘Era of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief.’

Headline quote (above) from The Daily Telegraph, 2nd March 2011 (paper version only). The article discussed Steve Holliday, National Grid’s chief executive, who was speaking on the Today program (BBC Radio 4) on 1st March 2011.

“Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly.” – Steve Holliday

See scan of the Telegraph article here on the Bishop Hill blog.

Also discussed here by John O’Sullivan

But don’t panic, as a reward for having our nation de-industrialized by gophers (ministers and other government officials) taking orders from the global elitists with their Agenda 21 plans for humanity, we will soon to be allowed to have our very own ‘smart meters’ installed in our very own homes. These ‘smart’ devices will eventually be able to talk to the next generation of ‘smart household appliances’ via wi fi or similar technology. This will enable Big Brother to not only monitor your electricity usage patterns, and spy on you in your own home but also to SWITCH OFF your washing machine, TV, computer etc remotely when demand outstrips supply (such as when the windmills aren’t turning very well because the wind is too weak, or to strong or it’s too cold and icy etc etc) …. or if you fail to pay the MASSIVE ELECTRICITY BILLS that will accompany this new ‘green’ energy and ‘sustainable’ utopia our children are being indoctrinated to see as a good thing.

Let’s listen again to the horse’s mouth, and remind ourselves what kind of mindset we are dealing with here.

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