Johnny Ball, ‘Stop Teaching Children Junk Science!’

Thank you Jonny Ball for reminding television watchers what the truth, common sense and intellectual integrity looks like. You showed up those two smug ninnies sitting next to you (Alistair Darling, Philip Hammond) for the AGW/ Agenda 21 puppets they really are.

I’m sure some people will leap on your brief comment about nuclear energy (especially with the Japanese reactor currently threatening to melt down) but I hope people have the sense to realise that we won’t ever find any alternative to nuclear (or coal etc) if governments keep throwing billions at insane and backward schemes (wind power etc) that have not worked, cannot work and will never work. There is a reason why we abandoned wind power centuries ago!

Stepping up the insanity with these so called ‘renewables’ will never lead us to sanity – just more insanity! – no matter how much taxpayers’ money is thrown about like we weren’t already in a global depression. Such disastrous schemes do however generate huge profits for certain individuals and groups and this is one reason why they are being pushed despite their proven failure and overwhelming public opposition.

How extroadinary it is in this day and age to see a man on the telly with passion, intelligence, integrity and healthy, normal concern (and respect) for the next generation – and what a contrast it is to see such a genuine person sitting next to those two nincompoops (Darling and Hammond) spouting their standard issue ministerial gibberish while smiling vacantly completely unaware of all time and space existing outside their own political career bubbles.

This is Philip Hammond MP (transport secretary) trying to weasel his way out of  answering the question, “So why are you presiding over text books that are political propaganda?”

“Well look, I didn’t publish the text book by the way… but look, I… I… I agree with you in one sense. I’m an optimist ‘for the future’. I think we have the technology. We have the way to deliver solutions to these challenges and we should ‘send a message’ that if we engage with the problems, if we engage with the challenge… ah… for example in my own departmental area, if we now set about ‘greening’ motoring so that over the next 30 to 40 years we see the internal combustion engine…. “

Just to remind everyone, the original question was, “So why are you presiding over text books that are political propaganda?”

If you answered an exam question like that you would FAIL. If you asked an employee an important question like that and got a similarly evasive answer you would give him/ her a warning and then the sack.

If, as a politician, you answer a question like that your should also get a warning, a reminder that you are a paid public servant, and then if you persist in making a mockery of your job title you should get the sack. End of, so seriously – end of.

If the same basic rules aren’t immediately re-applied to politicians as do apply to the rest of the work force with regards to LYING and EVADING RESPONSIBILITY then there will be no hope to escape from any of the crisis that are currently tearing society and the world apart – from wind farms to world food shortages to world war three. Enough with the BS!

Jonny Ball on the BBC’s Daily Politics Show (2nd March 2011)

Kudos to you Jonny Ball – keep up the fight and good luck with that report!

For more info on the indoctrination on our children please visit my four part feature called ‘The Indoctrination Zone – Converting You to Carbon Slavery’

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