Give us a vote on our future in Europe: Cross-party campaign launched to secure historic referendum (

(To learn more about and sign the People’s Pledge click here )

Give us a vote on our future in Europe: Cross-party campaign launched to secure historic referendum


Last updated at 11:59 AM on 14th March 2011

Source Mail Online UK

A major political campaign aimed at securing a historic referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU or quit Brussels for good was launched today.

The cross-party ‘People’s Pledge’ campaign aims to pile pressure on party leaders and MPs to support a poll that would settle the divisive question of EU
membership once and for all.

It hopes to emulate Barack Obama by harnessing the power of the internet to mobilise support in every constituency.

Polling for the campaign launch shows that 61 per cent would like a referendum on whether Britain should remain within the European Union, with just 25 per cent against. A majority of supporters of all three parties back the idea.

It means support for a referendum on the EU is more than double the level for the referendum on changing Britain’s voting system planned for May 5.

Voters will now be invited to sign up to the ‘People’s Pledge’, promising to only support candidates at the next election who vow to support a referendum.

The pledges will be registered by constituency on the campaign’s website – allowing MPs and rival candidates to see the level of support in their area. The aim is to focus initially on the 100 most marginal seats, where campaigners believe their number of supporters could quickly exceed the majorities of serving MPs.

Prominent Left-winger Mark Seddon, director of the campaign, said the initiative had the potential to tap into ‘huge latent demand’ for a referendum. He added: ‘Our message is simple – if you believe that the people, and not politicians, should decide the UK’s relationship with the EU, sign the People’s Pledge.

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Learn more about and sign the People’s Pledge here

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Also, don’t forget to check out these two fascinating presentations on the hidden origins and symbolism of the EU:

The Hidden Roots of the European Union – Henrik Palmgren

Origins and Symbolism of the EU – David Icke

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9 Responses to Give us a vote on our future in Europe: Cross-party campaign launched to secure historic referendum (

  1. b stanford says:

    get us out of the eu now, give us a referendum now, some politicians are turncoats
    we was promised a referendum so give us one now

  2. D.R.Newman says:

    I was a supporter of the coilition,but no more they have lied & cheated the British people . We need a strong British goverment, Run by a strong minded parliament
    not weak kneed MPs bowing to the idiotic mob in Brussels. Get us OUT Mr Lamb
    or take the consequences.

  3. roderick mac leod says:

    Get out of E U

  4. G MacLeod-Thorpe says:

    We have been betrayed by the very Politicians that have been elected to look after our interests. We originally signed up for a Trade Agreement which was supposed to safeguard our industries and jobs in this country. Now we find that we were deceived and lied to from the very beginning. We must come out of the EU before Britain and the British people disappear and eventually become a third world country. The British People have been promised a Referendum by two Prime Ministers and both parties have reneged on their promises. It’s time for the People of this Country to have a vote on this issue. Give us our Vote now!!!!

  5. Roy Shindler says:

    Why not pressure this Government who reneged on their cast iron pledge to hold a referendum on the EU before the election to do the honourable thing and add it, at very little cost, to the May SA Voting referendum which has generated so very little interest!

    What possible objection can they have?

    Please keep at it – keep fighting for democracy – something Cameron has been peddling in the middle east recently – and as so many of our relatives have done in the past and died for their courage.

  6. Jim says:

    Why should a British appointed MP .Have the right to squander British tax payers
    money in Europe?.Charity starts at home for thousands of British workers that are out of work.The european fuel is cheaper than ours which effects everything.The only reason that we stay in europe is so that these high paid Ministers then go to brussels and get disgustingly higher paid jobs.
    p.s. We are one of the few countrys in europe that has its own oil.Doesnt say much for the management of our country

  7. Harry Kendal Davis says:

    It is necessary that we as a country leave the EU. My family have always voted conservative but not anymore unless we get a referendum.

  8. David Clegg says:

    I voted in the 1975 ref, If I had know of the deceit we were being given I would not have voted to stay in. We all voted for a common trading access not a political tie to the european countries, with unaccountable faceless bureaucrats, cowtailing to european policies. Need I mention the new european foreign office?
    Having served in defence for 47 years I understand the values of a free parliment not constrated by policies forged by an unelected body.

    • Great comment David, I guess if the EU superstate was built on lies, secrecy and deception, it is only right that it will be deconstructed by sharing information, seeking truth and raising awareness.

      Homogenization under a central authoritarian dictatorship is NOT unity – it is tyranny.

      And walking away from such tyranny and returning to some form of separate sovereign status again is turning out to be the most unifying cause imaginable and one shared and celebrated by all of Europe it would appear … Europe the continent that is!

      I recommend this short video as well as the two links at the bottom of the post above.

      Down With the European Union

      + these two which are linked above
      The Hidden Roots of the European Union – Henrik Palmgren
      Origins and Symbolism of the EU – David Icke

      If you like, share 🙂

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