Orwellian Double Speak as EU Dictatorship Criticises Bulgaria for Non-Compliance With GMO Safety Legislation Despite a Complete Ban on GMO Cultivation!

Here we have another example of the total hypocrisy of the European Soviet Union who have threatened Bulgaria with heavy financial penalties should thye fail to comply with safety standards in regard to GMO crops when Bulgaria has already stated that a complete ban on these Frankenfoods is in place in their country.

How could they be any safer than that? The fact is that this is simply a threat through the corrupt legislative forum disguised as the European Court of Justice to force Bulgaria to grow these dangerous substitutes for real food by means of economic terrorism on behalf of corporations such as Monsanto whgo have the EU in their back pockets with no shortage of financial slush funds to bribe politiciands and legislators inn a country well versed in corruption.

I fully expect the courageous ban imposed on GMO crops in Bulgaria to be overturned in light of these illegal threats in a country whose agricultural products, particularly in the villages and surrounding countryside are vastly superior to anything in the more ‘developed’ European countries.

In fact it’s still fit for human consumption!


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