Welcome to the New Fascist Feudal System: Take It or Leave It – Slavery or Starvation!

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent

The article below from The Dail Mail is nothing more than a sound bite to those lucky enough to still have a job which still pays for their standard of living at present.


I’m sure those ‘working middle class’ folks will jump on this type of propaganda and support their criminal government in pushing slavery as an option to people who’ve simply been forced out of work through this created depression we’re sinking deeper and deeper into.

What these people don’t realise is that this scheme will be for everybody one day, including them because, hey, ‘we’re all in it together’ aren’t we?

Yep that means you too Mr. & Mrs. average earner. Don’t you know that the average wage is dropping? Can’t you see that you’re getting worse off every day as the price of fuel is artificially hyped up to record levels, food costs are on an upward curve with warnings of coming shortages, new taxes being imposed at a whim by the government to further impoverish the ordinary working person, to pay for illegal wars at present and new wars in the pipeline as the lunatics really do take over the asylum that is HM Government UK Inc.?



Of course, none of this affects them, the greedy, criminal political elite who blatantly rob the taxpayer for their extravagant salaries, fraudulent expenses and exotic junkets, jetting off to far off lands for dubious conferences and meetings, stuffing themselves with massive multiple course dinners of the finest foods available.


You can be sure there’ll be no GM foods for these guys and gals either. That’s only cattle feed for the poor folks don’t you know! Even the manufacturers Monsanto’s own staff won’t even eat this toxic ‘food’!


All the time they’re telling the rest of us that we’ve to cut back on everything from heating our homes, driving our cars, eating meat and more or less stop breathing to save us all from the weather. What utter B******T!


Chris Grayling is the same disgusting fascist who’s also scrapping incapacity benefits for those who can’t work due to ill health.


So how about we make a start on work shy politicians or those who can’t or won’t do the job they were voted into office to do?

Oh no, we can’t have that! Taxes etc. are just for the little people but these crooks get paid to travel to work, they get expenses for everything under the sun when they’re at work, including massive budgets to employ people to do all the work for them so that they can spend more time on exotic junkets, as previously mentioned, or to simply take it easy whilst the country goes down the toilet.



But that’s ok, they only have to ‘work’ 5 years at huge expense to the taxpayer whilst enjoying months of holiday time where they can contemplate the cushy job they’ll just fall into when they leave behind the hassle of ‘serving’ the public. They’ll even have a huge pension to spend at the same time paid for by you for the rest of your life. In the link below you’ll read that a couple of these crooks say they won’t take their £66,000 a year pension after 5 years…. Remember that they’re all liars folks and watch what really happens when the pension becomes due!


But you people out there who’ve just been told that you’re going to have to work longer, pay more and get less when you retire will just sit back and take this crap until the day comes when you finally realise that you’ve been well and truly shafted by these parasites whose only interest is themselves and who prostitute themselves to the highest bidders at every opportunity to further enrich them and their gang of charlatans.


They don’t work for you and never have done. It’s all a charade to keep you working as a slave for their banking masters who will simply dispose of you as you become surplus to requirements thus the extension of the retirement age which ultimately will lead to you being worked to death in good old fashioned bondage to the ruling elite.

Now, if you don’t want to be a slave to these arrogant whores then I suggest you get off your ‘comfortable’ backsides and start getting angry with these people. They are not your masters. They are in fact supposedly your servants! They have no right to enslave you!

Why aren’t we allowed to impose our ‘terms and conditions’ on them? They work for us!

Shouldn’t we have a right to say how much they get paid and what action will be taken against them should they fail to fulfill their duties to the public whom they purport to serve? Shouldn’t we have the right to sack them and put them on welfare payments when the fail us?

This is not about anarchy or any other ideological movement. It’s about our basic rights as free human beings to have control over our own lives.

This system however is designed to prevent that happening. All you have to do is take a look around you, look into all those CCTV cameras.

Or how about the militarised police walking about with tasers and automatic weapons looking like storm troopers from Star Wars.

Is this what you think of as a free society? Is this a world you want your descendants to live in because believe me this is only the start of it!

When the likes of Chris Grayling can make you a slave to the state by making you sweep the streets, mend fences and paint government buildings, the same work that people were employed to do until recent redundancies by almost every local council in the country, don’t you get it?


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