Somebody Stop This Madness! – Scottish Wind ‘Farms’ Paid £900,000 to Switch Turbines Off

Story courtesy of The Herald (Scotland)

Last updated 2 May 2011 – 10:30 am

Six wind farms were given six-figure payments to switch off their turbines because the Scottish grid network could not absorb all the energy being produced, it has emerged.

Research by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) found energy companies were paid a total of £900,000 for stopping the turbines for several hours between April 5 and 6 this year.

The REF said some of the payments were as high as 20 times the value of the electricity which would have been generated if the turbines kept running.

The National Grid makes constraint payments to power stations that agree to stop generating in order to stabilise the network.

It happens when the grid system or a section of the system is unable to absorb all the electricity being generated, and some generators that are contracted to generate are asked to stand down.

The largest payments were made to Whitelee wind farm in East Renfrewshire, which was given over £300,000 in April 2011, and Farr wind farm, south of Inverness, which received over £260,000 in the same month.

Dr Lee Moroney, Planning Director for the REF, said: “The variability of wind power poses grid management problems for which there are no cheap solutions.

“However, throwing the energy away, and paying wind farms handsomely for doing so, is not only costly but obviously very wasteful.

“Government must rethink the scale and pace of wind power development before the costs of managing it become intolerable and the scale of the waste scandalous.”

The National Grid said the grid had overloaded because high winds and heavy rain in Scotland on April 4 and 6 produced more wind energy than it could use.

Once again we see this so called ‘free energy’ costing the taxpayer dearly. For more information about the true cost of wind ‘farms’ please check out the rest of my blog such as here or here or check out this very informative website.

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One Response to Somebody Stop This Madness! – Scottish Wind ‘Farms’ Paid £900,000 to Switch Turbines Off

  1. Serge Van Aelst says:

    I don’t think this is the real reason behind this decision. But nuclear plants are the only energy producers who can adapt the power output very quickly.
    If needed even instantly, their generators have electromagnets in them. So when they turn off the magnets there is no power. Even with the turbine on full speed.

    Other energy plants can’t do this, they need time to make more steam if more power is needed.

    In other words the £900.000 spend is useless, If they planned it better. The £900.000 would have turned into profit. Now they lost 900.000 x 2 = £1.800.000.
    Beyond believe paying to stop, and because of you loose also that amount of energy since it is not generated.

    My conclusion is that the nuclear plants had to adapt production so the green energy would have not been lost.

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